MMAWeekly was on hand tonight from UFC 65 in Sacramento, Calif. Georges “Rush” St. Pierre became the new UFC Welterweight Champion. Tim Sylvia retained his UFC Heavyweight Championship while Brandon Vera moved one step closer to a heavyweight title bout. The full results are listed below.

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– Jake O’Brien defeated Josh Shockman by unanimous decision (30-27 on all scorecards). Each round played out exactly the same with O’Brien taking Shockman down followed by the fighters being stood back up by the referee. This played out some seven times during the fight. O’Brien wins.

– James Irvin defeated Hector Ramirez by TKO at 2:36 of Round 2. Irvin’s timing seemed to be off from the start of the fight. Ramirez had James hurt in the closing moments of Round 1, but Irvin was able to fight back just enough for the fight not to be stopped. The second round saw Irvin stunned again, but a perfectly landed right cross sent Ramirez to the canvas. Irvin then landed a kick to the body followed by punches before the referee called a halt to the action. Irvin wins by TKO.

– Antoni Hardonk defeated Sherman Pendergarst by KO at 3:15 of Round 1. The two exchanged strikes early, but Pendergarst was able to take the fight to the ground. After working some ground and pound for just over a minute, referee “Big” John McCarthy stood the fighters up. Hardonk took over the fight. It was a left followed by a missed right and a leg kick that finished Pendergarst off. Antoni Hardonk wins.

– Nick Diaz defeated Gleison Tibau by TKO at 2:27 of Round 2. Diaz shot in for a takedown early in the first round, but Gleison stuffed it and got a takedown of his own. For the better part of round one, the two put on a grappling display with several reversals and submission attempts from both. The final minute saw Diaz gain top position and work ground and pound until the bell. Round 2 saw Tibau go for a takedown and Diaz stuffed it. Diaz was able to get the fight to the ground and picked up where he left off in Round 1 with ground n’ pound. The referee stopped the action due to Tibau not defending himself. Diaz wins.

– Joe Stevenson defeated Dokonjonosuke Mishima by Guillotine Choke at 2:07 of Round 1. The two clinched early in the round with Mishima getting a takedown. Stevenson slapped on a Guillotine Choke that looked deep, but Mishima was able to get out of it. Mishima passed Joe’s guard, but Joe was abled to get back to full guard and put on another Guillotine. This time Mishima was forced to tap out. Joe “Daddy” Stevenson wins.

– Brandon Vera defeated Frank Mir by TKO at 1:09 of Round 1. They exchanged strikes in the center of the octagon until Vera hurt Mir with a left hand right down the middle. He followed up by clinching and landing knees to Mir’s head, putting the Mir to the canvas. Brandon landed several punches in side control before the referee stopped the fight. Brandon “The Truth” Vera wins.

– Drew McFedries defeated Alessio Sakara by TKO at 4:07 of Round 1. Both fighters came out willing to exchange leather. Sakara was getting the better of the stand up, knocking McFedries’ mouthpiece out. After taking some big shots, Drew landed an uppercut and left hook that stunned Sakara. In a delayed reaction, Sakara fell to the canvas. McFedries dove in for the kill, ending the fight with several body shots and puches to Sakara’s face. Drew McFedries wins his UFC debut.

– Tim Sylvia defeated Jeff Monson by unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 49-46). The first round began with Monson immediately going for a double leg. Sylvia was able to effectively sprawl. They remained standing with Monson landing strikes, including a right hand in the closing seconds of the round, but MMAWeekly scored the round 10-9 for Tim Sylvia.

Round two, Monson again goes for a takedown, but Tim stays out of it. Again Monson shoots for a double leg, but Tim successfully sprawls. The two remained standing for the rest of the round, but the pace was slowed. MMAWeekly scored the round 10-9 for Tim Sylvia.

Round three, Monson got a double leg takedown and was in Tim’s guard. Monson working some ground and pound. Monson worked hard to break Tim’s guard, and finally was able to move into side control. Monson slapped on a Guillotine, but Tim got out. Monson tried to put on another Guillotine, but Tim rolled him and got back to his feet. Monson had a cut under his right eye. They checked the cut, but the fight continues. Last 25 seconds, Tim lands a big knee as the round ends dropping Monson. Very close round. MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Monson.

Round four, it starts with a very slow pace with both fighters feeling each other out. Monson shoots in for a double leg, but Sylvia gets to side control on top of Monson landing elbows. Monson transitioned back to half guard. Sylvia works for an Americana, but Monson escaped out the back door to get back in Sylvia’s guard. Sylvia goes for a Triangle Choke, but Monson escapes. The round ended with Monson in Sylvia’s guard. MMAWeekly scored the round 10-9 for Sylvia.

Final round, Monson tries for a double leg, but Tim sprawls. Monson’s face is swollen and bloodied, and he looks fatigued. The pace slowed to the point that referee “Big” John McCarthy called the fighters in and told them to fight. When the action was re-started, Monson went for a takedown, and Tim stopped it. As Monson remained on his back, Sylvia peppered him with kicks to the legs. The fight ended with both fighters exchanging punches in the middle of the octagon. MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Tim Sylvia.

– Georges St. Pierre defeated Matt Hughes by KO at 1:25 of Round 2. The fight begins with the fighters feeling each other out as the crowd chants “USA, USA.” Georges hurt Hughes with a punch, but Hughes recovered quickly. After St. Pierre missed with a spinning back fist, the two give each other a high-five. St. Pierre landing good stiff left jabs. St. Pierre lands a kick to the groin, and Matt was given time to recover. As the fight is restarted, St. Pierre lands another low blow. They touch gloves as the fight was restarted. St. Pierre is controling the action. As Hughes threw a leg kick, St. Pierre takes the champ to the ground. Hughes got back to his feet. St. Pierre fends off a Hughes takedown. The round ends with St. Pierre knocking Hughes down. Hughes saved by the bell. MMAWeekly scored the round 10-8 St. Pierre.

Round two, St. Pierre continues to land that left jab and leg kicks. St. Pierre is picking him apart. Georges St. Pierre drops Matt Hughes with a high kick and jumped in for the kill. The referee stops the bout. Georges St. Pierre is the new UFC Welterweight Champion.