Jeremy Horn vs. Chael Sonnen: Chael Sonnen was able to take Jeremy Horn down at will through the first round, and half of the second round, but Horn didn’t mind. The veteran of over 130 fights was very calm, and continued to attempt submission after submission. In the second round, Horn was able to secure Sonnen’s arm, and Chael verbally submitted at 1:17 of Round 2 due to an armbar.

Matt Wiman vs. Spencer Fisher: Late replacement Matt Wiman showed that he was more than worthy to be in the Octagon with Spencer Fisher. Wiman had Fisher in trouble in Round 1 when sunk in a guillotine choke on Fisher. “It was really, really tight,” Fisher told the crowd after the fight. However, Fisher did not panic and eventually escaped. Fisher came back with some great striking late in Round 1 and opened up a nasty cut on the top of Wiman’s forehead. The cut split Wiman wide open, as blood was practically gushing out of the cut when the horn sounded to end Round 1.

In between rounds, Wiman had his cut worked on by cut-man Leon Tabbs, but even one of the best cut-men in the business couldn’t get the bleeding to stop. Wiman shook his head to say that he was fine, and Round 2 started. In Round 2, Fisher quickly took the center of the Octagon and landed some combinations, and then threw a beautiful flying knee that caused Wiman to crumble to the ground. Fisher wins by KO at 1:43 of Round 2 by flying knee.

Fabiano Scherner vs. Gabriel Gonzaga: In the battle of Brazilians, it was Gabriel Gonzaga making a successful return to the Octagon, as he defeated Fabiano Scherner by TKO at :24 seconds of Round 2. Gonzaga showed the better hands of the two by winning the stand-up battle against Scherner. In his corner after the first round, Scherner could not see out of his left eye, and a doctor almost stopped the fight before deciding to allow the fight to continue. When the second round started, Scherner was rocked by Gonzaga’s stiff left jab, which sent Scherner to the canvas. Gonzaga pounced on him, and referee Steve Mazzagatti called an end to the fight.

Rick Davis vs. Melvin Guillard: In the first fight of the night, Melvin Guillard showed his superior stand-up skills as he had the knockout of the night against Rick Davis. Almost immediately after the bell rang to start the fight, Guillard was swinging for the fences, and he landed punishing Muay Thai strikes to Davis’ body. Guillard then landed a wicked right hand that knocked Davis out in brutal fashion. The first thing that hit the ground was Davis’s head, as he looked like a tree falling down on the Octagon mat. Guillard wins at 1:37 of Round 1 with a vicious knockout of Rick Davis.