There weren’t that many injuries that happened at UFC 59, but there were plenty of injuries that took place before the fights started. Tim Sylvia told MMAWeekly.com over the weekend that he had a broken arm going into his fight with Andrei Arlovski.

Sylvia said “I was training a couple of weeks ago and Ben Rothwell kicked my arm and broke a bone in my right arm.” Sylvia was able to still fight and pulled out the big upset over the weekend.

Sylvia took in a baseball game to celebrate his victory as he threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium last night as the Dodgers battled the San Francisco Giants.

“I was more nervous about throwing out the first pitch than fighting for the title”, Sylvia said. The new UFC Heavyweight Champion will be on MMAWeekly Radio today with hosts Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg.

In a Light Heavyweight Fight, Tito Ortiz said in the post fight press conference that he had a partial tear in his ACL and MCL. Ortiz said he felt his knee go in the second round, but “fought through it” and was able to pull out a split decision in the fight.

Speaking of Ortiz’s opponent, Forrest Griffin, Griffin did go to the hospital after the fight. Forrest received a few stiches for his amazing battle with Tito. Griffin received four stitches under each eye at the hospital and said that he would be fine.

Nick Thompson was the only other UFC fighter that went to the hospital as he needed six stitches above his left eye to seal close the cut he received at the hands of Karo Parisyan in his loss.