UFC 54 Prelims & Photos


James Irvin def. Terry Martin by KO at 0:09 of Round 2

James Irvin and Terry Martin at UFC 54

James Irvin KO’s Terry Martin at UFC 54

Through Round 1, Terry Martin landed a couple of solid takedowns and continuously moved Irvin up into the cage. With Irvin pinned on the fence, Martin worked a steady ground and pound tactic throughout the round.

As soon as Round 2 began, Irvin came out at Martin and launched a left flying knee that landed square on the skull or Martin knocking him out cold. Martin lay on the canvas, completely unconcious for about 3 minutes before being removed on a stretcher.


Trevor Prangley def. Travis Lutter by Unanimous Decision

Trevor Prangley and Travis Lutter at UFC 54

Trevor Prangley and Travis Lutter at UFC 54

Trevor Prangley dominated this fight from beginning to end. He landed takedowns almost at will and scored heavily with knees the the thighs and head of Lutter. About the only negative for Prangley was when he punched Lutter straight in the groin in the first round. The action was stopped for Lutter to recover, then upon restarting, Prangley kneed Lutter in the groin causing referee Herb Dean to penalize him with a one-point deduction.


Matt Lindland def. Joe Doerksen by Unanimous Decision

Matt Lindland and Joe Doerksen at UFC 54

Matt Lindland and Joe Doerksen at UFC 54

This bout was spent almost entirely on the ground. Matt Lindland controlled most of the action throughout the three rounds, although Doerksen managed several reversals and submission attempts. But it was Lindland that imposed his will throughout the majority and ended up scoring the decision and a possible shot at Rich Franklin’s UFC Middleweight Title.