UFC 25 Years in Short: How Dana White and Donald Trump Connect, ‘A Fighter’s Mentality’

(Courtesy of UFC)

When Donald Trump opened his Atlantic City casino to the struggling UFC, it was the start of an unlikely friendship between the current POTUS and UFC president Dana White.

In the upcoming Combatant in Chief: The Story of Donald Trump’s History in Combat Sports, go behind the scenes of one the more interesting stories behind the UFC’s becoming one of the most successful sports properties in history. This latest episode of UFC 25 Years in Short is set to debut on UFC Fight Pass on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

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UFC 25 Years in Short is a 25-part documentary series celebrating the UFC silver anniversary. This compilation of short films presents 25 captivating UFC stories, one for each year of existence, and every piece stands alone as an independent feature. Viewed as a whole, these films form a larger, mosaic narrative of the UFC’s amazing evolution, fascinating characters and lasting influence.