UFC 247 Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes scorecard controversy: Did the judges mess it up?

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones set a record for most championship fight victories with his win over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 in Houston, Texas. The victory wasn’t all about accolades. There was a good bit of controversy as well.

The main controversy? The scorecards.

Though Jones took a unanimous nod from the judges in Texas, even those who felt that Jones had done enough to win were a bit baffled. Of course, many other pundits, fighters and fans thought that he didn’t even do enough to win the fight. Many thought that Reyes had done enough to win the belt. After all, he outstruck Jones in rounds one through three.

Almost no one would argue that the fight was close. But that’s why many people were scratching their heads to see that one judge scored the fight 49-46 for Jones, which means that he would have had to won four out of the five rounds. You would be hard pressed to find many people that would support that score.

The other two judges scored the fight 48-47 in favor of Jones.

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The breakdown and the UFC 247 Jones vs. Reyes scorecard:

  • Judge Marcos Rosales: 48-47 for Jones
  • Judge Joe Solis: 49-46 for Jones
  • Judge Chris Lee: 48-47 for Jones

UFC 247 Scorecard - Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes