UFC 178 Results: Conor McGregor Dusts Dustin Poirier, Calls for Title Shot

September 27, 2014

Conor McGregor stepped into the cage at UFC 178 on Saturday night in Las Vegas looking to prove his 11-fight winning streak – most of it outside the UFC – is championship worthy. Number five ranked featherweight Dustin Poirier, however, was looking to show that a lot of talk doesn’t earn a shot at the belt, winning in the Octagon does.

To Poirier’s detriment, McGregor put a stamp on his winning streak, extending it to 12 consecutive bouts in less than two minutes.

McGregor opened the fight with his usual splash and dash, launching hook kicks and firing punches at Poirier’s skull.

Poirier was aggressive, exchanging with McGregor from the opening bell, but it was McGregor that looked more fluid and took control from the center of the Octagon. He kept firing kicks, most of them missing, but that eventually set up a left hook that landed behind Poirier’s right ear and sent him to the canvas.

It only took a moment longer for McGregor to drop several punches and hammerfists that forced the referee to call a halt to the bout.

Always brash leading up to the fight, McGregor gave Poirier his due respect after the fight, but didn’t hold back on declaring what he sees as his station in the UFC.

“I find that a lot of mixed martial artists get in a rut. That Thai boxing flat-footed style. It’s the old age,” said McGregor. “This is the new age. I wanted to come over here to America and show the American public the new era of the fighting Irish.”

He’s only four fights into his UFC tenure, but McGregor took aim at the top of his weight class from the very beginning, and each victory only fuels that fire.

“You know what’s next. That world title is next,” he said after the fight, earning some extended mic time for his quick finish. “I’m gonna fly to Brazil and, if they want, I’ll eliminate Chad ‘Mini’ Mendes. I’ll step in and give the fans what they want, Aldo vs. McGregor, or you know we could come back and do it at a football stadium. Bring he Brazilians over. We’ll whoop them on home soil or away soil; it’s no problem.”

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