UFC 175 Play-by-Play: Uriah Hall vs. Thiago Marreta

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Uriah Hall vs. Thiago Marreta

Round 1: Both fighters attempted kicks, each landing body and leg kicks. Marreta landed more through the halfway point in the round, while Hall attempted leg kick and jab combinations. As Marreta landed more leg kicks, Hall began to limp more. Hall then began to find the mark with punches as Marreta backpedaled. Leaving his hands down, Hall pressured Maretta with strikes through the end of the round.

Round 2: Hall continued pressuring Marreta in the second round. Marreta landed a leg kid, following that up with a left hook that Hall shook off. Hall kept his hands down for a large portion of the round, catching a kick and bringing Marreta down to the floor, where he pummeled him with punches. Once back on the feet, Maretta did well to land leg kicks, but Hall continued to work strike combinations to make his opponent backpedal.

Round 3: Hall attempted flashy spinning kicks, landing none but keeping Maretta at a distance. As he closed distance, Hall threw punch combinations in the pocket and backed out of danger shortly after. Hall landed a hard spinning back kick, later landing a slapping head kick. Marreta kicked Hall in the groin, bringing a pause to the fight. Once the fight resumed, Marreta clinched and Hall attempted a kimura. Maretta then transitioned to to top position and landed strikes just before time expired.

Official Call: Uriah Hall def. Thiago Santos via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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