UFC 174 Play-by-Play: Andrei Arlovski vs. Brendan Schaub

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Andrei Arlovski vs. Brendan Schaub

Round 1: The fighters touch gloves.  Arlovski inches forward.  He closes the distance and clinches.  He presses Schaub against the cage.  He lands knees to the thighs of Schaub.  Not a lot happening.  They exchange light knees to the legs.  Schaub spins out.  He lands a right hand.  Arlovski moves away and lands an inside leg kick.  They clinch.  Arlovski presses Schaub against the cage.  He’s just holding on to Schaub in the clinch.  They separate.  Arlovski inches forward.  Schaub moves in but misses with a combination.  Both fighters careful of the other’s power.  Schaub glances a right hand off Arlovski’s head.  Arlovski ties Schaub up.  They separate.  Arlovski tries a spinning kick.  Schaub looks to take him down.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Schaub, but could have gone either way.

Round 2: Arlovski takes the center of the cage.  He lands an accidental kick to the groin.  Schaub says he’s okay to continue and the fight is restarted after a few seconds.  Schaub looking to land his right hand.  Arlovski inches forward.  He goes to the body with a right hand and clinches.  Schaub delivers a knee to the body.  Arlovski lands light knees to the thighs.  They separate.  Schaub steps in with a left hand.  Schaub tries to fake low and go upstairs with a right hand.  Arlovski dodges it and fires back with a left hand.  Schaub works to get the fight to the ground.  He does, but Arlovski immediately gets back up.  Schaub steps in with a jab.  Both fighters are hesitant on their feet.  Schaub steps in with a lead uppercut.  They clinch in the middle of the cage and quickly separate.  Arlovski looking to counter.  He throws a right hand at the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Schaub.

Round 3: Schaub misses with a huge right hand.  Schaub presses forward.  Arlovski lands a left  hand as Schaub moved in.  The referee warns them to watch their heads as they close the distance.  They clinch.  Schaub secures a takedown.  He works in Arlvoski’s guard.  Schaub lands short left hands to the body.  Schaub lands right hands to the body.  Arlovski throwing strikes from the bottom.  Schaub postures up but can’t generate any power.  Schaub postures up and delivers hammer fists.  Arlovski kicks him off and gets to his feet.  They work for position along the cage.  They separate in the final moments.  Arlovski misses with a right hand.  They both miss with punches at the end.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Schaub.

The judges scored the fight for Arlovski by split decision.  The scorecards read 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

Andrei Arlovski:

“My arms and legs were shaking during the walk out and the first round. I was very excited but also very nervous to be back inside the Octagon. It feels so good to be home. The reception I got from the fans was incredible. It felt so great to be welcomed and appreciated by them after so long. I definitely won’t forget this moment. My game plan was to knock him out in the first round and really use my movement to open up my punches. I wasn’t able to implement that plan the way I hoped to. I wanted to move more but Brendan did a great job slowing me down. ” 

Brendan Schaub:

“There has to be some sort of major change with these judges. I have no idea what they’re doing but clearly they weren’t paying attention to the fight. I know Andrei’s a big star and maybe they were swayed by the fans reaction. Look at the punch stats and statistics then tell me that he won that fight. This started with the bad decision in the Diego Sanchez vs. Ross Pearson fight last week and I can’t believe it happened to me now. Maybe you can give Andrei the first round but that’s it. The most significant strikes he landed on me were the two head butts. I don’t know what else to say.”

Arlovski vs Schaub Scorecard

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