UFC 173 Play-by-Play: Daniel Cormier vs. Dan Henderson

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Daniel Cormier vs. Dan Henderson

Round 1: They touch gloves to start the round.  Cormier throws a high kick that’s blocked.  Henderson lands an outside leg kick.  Henderson misses with a right hand and Cormier tosses him to the canvas and lands in side control.  Henderson has Cormier’s right arm tied up with his legs.  He holds onto Cormier’s other arm.  Cormier tires to slam his way out of it.  He gets his arms free and delivers punches to the body.  Cormier switches sides and moves into Henderson’s half guard.  Cormier works to get to the mount position.  Henderson recognizes it and keeps him in half guard.  Cormier continues to land to the body.  Cormier postures up.  Henderson lands an up kick.  Cormier drops back in on Henderson.  Henderson rolls and Cormier lands shots.  Henderson isolates a leg and uses it to get back to his feet.  Cormier inches forward.  He lands a right hand.  Henderson tries to take Cormier down.  They work for position along the cage.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Cormier.

Round 2: Cormier takes the center of the cage.  Henderson stands with his right hand ready to unload.  He lands a right hand.  Cormier changes levels and takes Henderson down.  He lands in side control.  Cormier lands two elbows.  Henderson rolls to all fours.  Cormier lands hard right hands.  Henderson rolls to his back.  Cormier works from the half guard position.  He delivers a hard right hand to the body followed by a series of left hands to the head.  Henderson can’t get the bigger man off of him.  Cormier advances to the mount position.  Henderson works his way back to half guard.  Cormier moves to side control.  He lands short left hands.  Henderson squirms and rolls.  Cormier continues to pepper him with shots.  Henderson tries to roll, but Cormier follows him and stays in side control.  Henderson throws knees to the body from the bottom.  Cormier continues to pound away with short left hands.  He’s roughing Henderson up on the ground.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Cormier.  Henderson is cut on the bridge of his nose as well.

Round 3:  Henderson not looking great between rounds.  Cormier presses forward.  He misses with a right hand.  Cormier lands a front kick to the face and then a right hand.  Henderson moves in and Cormier elevates him and slams him to the canvas.  Cormier goes back to landing to the body.  He advances to the mount position.  Henderson rolls.  Cormier moves to side control and lands short left hands.  Cormier stands and drops back down on Henderson.  He lands short left hand over short left hand to the side of Henderson’s head. Cormier takes Henderson’s back.  He works for a rear naked choke.  He flattens Henderson out and chokes him out.  Henderson goes to sleep.

The official time of the submission was 3:53 of the third round.  Cormier moves to 15-0.

Daniel Cormier:

“I knew if I wrestled him I would control the entire fight. I always say I take away whatever my opponent is good at. Dan has heavy hands so I took that away from him. Last week I hurt my knee and I probably should’ve pulled out but I knew I could get it done. I wasn’t able to train the last week and I couldn’t walk for two days. I’m ready for Jon Jones. He’s not ready for me.”

Cormier vs. Henderson

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