UFC 172 Play-by-Play: Chris Beal vs. Patrick Williams

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Chris Beal vs. Patrick Williams

Round 1: Beal takes the center of the cage and UFC 172 is officially underway.  Williams lands an outside leg kick.  Beal moves in and misses with a right hand.  Williams lands a knee to the groin.  He jumps on Beal’s back, but referee Herb Dean steps in and gives Beal time to recover from the groin shot.  The fight is restarted.  Williams steps in with a hard leg kick.  He lands a straight left.  Beal gets aggressive.  He presses forward.  Williams lands a lead uppercut and takes Beal down.  Beal gets to his feet.  Williams lands a knee as he gets up.  They exchange.  Both throw wildly.  The pace slows a bit.  Williams lands a leg kick.  Beal presses forward.  he lands a hard leg kick.  Williams catches it and takes Beal down.  Beal gets back to his feet.  They exchange knees to the body and separate.  Beal presses forward as Williams circles on the outside.  Beal lands a left hook that has Williams retreating.  Beal lands a combination at the end of the round.  Williams is cut.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Williams, but Beal came on strong at the end of the round.

Round 2: Beal inches forward to start the second frame.  Williams rushes in and Beal clinches and lands a right hand.  They separate.  Williams rushes in with a right hand.  Beal moves away and runs into Herb Dean.  Williams lands a leg kick, but Beal catches it and lands a couple of right hands.  Williams moves in with a knee to the body.  Beal leaps in with a flying knee that lands flush.  Williams is out before he hits the ground.  Beal wins by knockout.

The official time of the knockout was 1:51 of the second round.

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