UFC 170 Play-by-Play: Rafaello Oliveira vs. Erik Koch

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Rafaello Oliveira vs. Erik Koch

Round 1: Oliveira lands first with a push kick to the body.  Koch misses with a high kick.  Oliveira rushes in with a knee and Koch steps to the side.  Oliveira delivers a kick to the body.  Koch steps in with a straight left hand that knocks Oliveira down.  Koch stands over him and unleashes punches.  He continues to land.  Oliveira isn’t blocking these. Koch continues to land shots.  The referee steps in and stops it.

The official time of the technical knockout was 1:24 of the opening round.


Erik Koch:
“Striking off the takedown is something we were working really hard on during training camp. I definitely expected the takedowns to come fast and often from Rafaello. I didn’t want to open up my stance and be susceptible to it so I tried my best to keep distance and point fight. He threw a weak jab and opened himself up pretty bad. The goal was to go out there and fight like Machida and Anderson, really pick my shots and luckily I was able to capitalize on his early mistake.”

Rafaello Oliveira:
“I did the best I could in that Octagon tonight but it wasn’t enough.  My opponent did what he should’ve.  He punched me in the right place at the best time so I give him all the credit on the win. I think I just need to spend some time with my family before considering what’s next for me.”



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