UFC 169 Play-by-Play: John Lineker vs. Ali Bagautinov

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John Lineker vs. Ali Bagautinov

Round 1: Lineker takes the center of the cage and inches forward.  He misses with a right hand and Bagautinov  ducks under and takes Lineker down.  Bagautinov  works inside full guard.  Lineker lands short shots from the bottom.  Bagautinov  postures up and lands a right hand.  Bagautinov  delivers a left hand.  Bagautinov  postures up.  Lineker goes for a leg.  Bagautinov isolates a leg himself.  Lineker lets the leg go.  Bagautinov  does not.  Lineker gets his leg free and they’re back standing.  Lineker lands an outside leg kick.  Lineker moves forward.  He lands a kick, but is immediately taken down.  Bagautinov  works in half guard.  He delivers short left hands.  Lineker works to get a kimura on Bagautinov’s right arm.  Bagautinov  gets out of it and lands a hard right hand.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Bagautinov.

Round 2: They touch gloves to start the second frame.  Lineker moves in with a knee to the body.  Lineker inches forward.  Bagautinov circles on the outside.  Bagautinov works to get the fight to the ground but Lineker defends the attempt.  Bagautinov lands a combination and initiates the clinch.  They exchange knees to the body and separate.  Lineker is stalking.  He delivers a hard right hand to the body.  He lands another one.  Bagautinov moves away.  Bagautinov  moves in with a combination.  Lineker answers with a right hand.  Lineker is loading up and landing big right hands to the body.  Bagautinov  changes levels and works for a takedown.  Lineker delivers elbows to the body.  Bagautinov  presses Lineker against the cage.  Lineker pushes him away.  Bagautinov lands a counter left hand.  Bagautinov looks for a takedown but Lineker stuffs it.  Bagautinov  moves in with a left h and followed by a knee to the body.  They exchange at the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Bagautinov.

Round 3: Lineker presses forward.  Bagautinov moving on the outside.  He circles to his left.  Lineker misses with a right.  Lineker lands a short right hand on the inside.  Bagautinov  secures a takedown.  Lineker uses the cage to stand only to be slammed back to the canvas.  Lineker isolates an arm and looks for a kimura.  Bagautinov  delvers elbows to the body.  Bagautinov postures up.  He lands a knee to the body.  Lineker stands.  Bagautinov chases him and takes Lineker down.  He works in the half guard position.  Bagautinov delivers short right hands.  Lineker tries to stand and does.  Bagautinov lands a knee to the body.  They separate with a minute remaining in the round.  Lineker moves forward.  Bagautinov  lands a left hand and gets another takedown.  He postures up and lands a combination.  Lineker looks for a leg.  Bagautinov lands a couple of hammer fists.  Lineker has his leg and Bagautinov plays to the crowd in the closing seconds.

The judges scored the fight for Bagautinov by unanimous decision.  All three scorecards read 29-28.


Ali Bagautinov:
“I’m extremely happy with this victory.  I was sticking to the plan during the fight, thinking of knocking him out.  I could not finish him.  However, he put me in trouble, but I got a great victory. My goal is fight for the belt really soon.”

John Lineker:
“I’m really sad. I thought I could submit him, but he had good moves for getting free on my attempts. Just God knows what is in my future. At the moment, I keep wishing for my title shot.” 



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