UFC 166 Play-by-Play: Dustin Pague vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

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Dustin Pague vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

Round 1: The two bantamweights touch gloves and UFC 166 is officially underway.  Pague takes the center of the cage.  Horiguchi lands first with two leg kicks.  Horiguchi circles on the outside.  He misses with a right hand and Pague takes him down.  Pague applies a body triangle.  Horiguchi stands and backs up to the fence.  Page works for a rear naked choke.  Pague has an arm under Horiguchi’s chin.  Horiguchi controls Pague’s other hand.  Horiguchi defends the submission attempt and Pague lets the body triangle go.  Horiguchi turns and presses Pague against the cage.  90 seconds remain in the round.  They separate.  Pague lands a right hand.  Pague lands a knee to the body.  Horiguchi answers with a right hand.  Pague secures a takedown and lands left hands.  Horiguchi scrambles and gains top position at the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Pague.

Round 2: Horiguchi delivers a left hook.  He moves in and lands a big left hook that knocks Pague down.  Pague tries to cover up.  Horiguchi lands more shots.  Pague ties Horiguchi up and sweeps him.  Horiguchi works his way back to his feet and presses Pague against the cage.  Horiguchi secures a trip takedown.  Horiguchi works in half guard.  He delivers short right hands.  Horiguchi postures up and lands a hard hammer fists.  Horiguchi postures up and lands two solid left hands.  Horiguchi stands and unloads shots.  Referee Herb Dean steps in to stop the fight.

The official time of the TKO was 3:51 of the second round.

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