UFC 164 Play-by-Play: Chico Camus vs. Kyung Ho Kang

August 29, 2013

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Chico Camus vs. Kyung Ho Kang

Round 1: They meet in the middle of the octagon.  Kang lands first with a kick to the body.  Kang has a considerable size and reach advantage.  Camus steps in with a combination.  Kang lands an outside leg kick and Camus responds with a counter right hand.  Kang lands a right hand and delivers a front kick to the body.  Camus tries to close the distance but Kang changes levels and gets the fight to the ground.  Kang stands and lands shots.  Kang nearly takes Camus’ back.  Kang controlling Camus on the ground.  He lands an elbow.  Camus tries to roll out but Kang moves to side control.  Camus fires off an elbow from the bottom.  Camus scrambles out and to his feet at the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Kang.

Round 2: Camus moving forward but Kang quickly takes him down.  A scramble ensues but Kang maintains top position.  Kang works in Camus’ full guard.  He lands short shots.  Kang stands over Camus and lands to the body.  Camus delivers an up kick.  Kang drops back down into his guard.  Kang moves to half guard and then to side control.  Camus scrambles.  Kang looks to grab an arm but Camus pulls off the reverse.  Camus lands an elbow.  Camus works for a choke.  He lets it go and lands punches.  Kang rolls.  Camus stays with him and delivers elbows.  He postures up and lands punches in the closing seconds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Camus.

Round 3: Kang moves in with a jab.  Camus looks to get the fight to the ground but Kang shakes off the attempt.  Camus lands a right hand.  Kang answers with a right hand of his own.  Camus lands a counter combination.   Kang dives for a takedown and gets it.  He moves to half guard.  Kang lands short punches to the body as he works to pass Camus’ guard.  Camus works his way back to full guard.  Kang lands a hard elbow.  He postures up and delivers a right hand.  Two minutes remain in the round.  Camus kicks Kang off and gets to his feet.  Kang goes for a takedown and Camus stuffs it.  Camus has top position but Kang rolls him and lands in side control. Kang lands a right hand.  Kang stands.  Camus lands a huge upkick that knocks Kang down.  Camus unloads punches.  Kang is hurt.  Camus continues to land as the bell sounds.  Camus may have stolen the round with that.

The judges score the fight for Camus by unanimous decision.  The scorecards read 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27.

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