UFC 162 Results: Mark Munoz Returns with Dominating Decision Over Tim Boetsch

Mark Munoz and CB Dollaway at UFC Versus 3Mark Munoz and Tim Boetsch both came into their UFC 162 fight on Saturday night in a similar situation after seeing four-fight win streaks snapped by stoppage losses in their last Octagon outings.

Munoz was fighting for the first time since breaking his foot in the UFC on Fuel TV: Munoz vs. Weidman loss to Chris Weidman, while Boetsch was looking to bounce back after an eyepoke and a head butt contributed to a UFC 155 defeat at the hands of Constantinos Philippou.

Boetsch scores an immediate takedown, but Munoz bounces straight back up, only to be taken down again almost instantly. Munoz bounces up again and they clinch against the cage.

They separate and Boetsch pushes forward, throwing some wild punches and then looks for the takedown, but it is Munoz who succeeds in taking Boetsch down despite having his back to the cage.

Boetsch works his way to his feet and Munoz scores another takedown as Boetsch looks for the guillotine. Munoz rolls out and gets to his feet where he scores with some punches as the rounds draws to a close.

Boetsch comes out with a solid body kick at the start of the second and Munoz answers with one of his own and then attempts a flying knee which Boetsch easily evades. Munoz looks for a takedown again as they clinch up against the cage, they separate and Boetsh is the aggressor, but it is Munoz who lands the takedown and scores with some hammerfists and vicious punches to the body.

Boetsch is in full on defensive mode, but he works his way up and attempts a double leg, which is easily stuffed. They return to their previous position with Munoz on top and continually pounding the rib cage of “The Barbarian” with punches. Boetch attempts to regain his feet and takes a couple of hard knees to the body for his trouble, which completes a dominant second round for Munoz.

Boetsch is on the front foot at the start of the third, but Munoz drives him back and goes for the takedown. Boetsh attempts a guillotine followed by a Japanese neck tie, both of which Munoz successfully defends.

After escaping the submissions, Munoz once again finds himself on top of Boetsch, who is on all fours and forced to cover up, as the “Filipino Wrecking Machine” pounds him with punches and hammerfists to the head and body.

Boetsch rolls onto his back and Munoz looks for a Kimura followed by a rear naked choke, but he can’t quite complete either. Knowing he is well behind on the scorecards, Boetsch rolls for a kneebar, but it is Munoz who finishes the fight in style with some explosive ground and pound.

With Munoz having clearly won rounds two and three, the judges have an easy task and all three score him the winner by margins of 30-26, 30-27 and 29-28.

After the win, Munoz, who is Filipino-American, talked about his battle with depression and spoke a few words in Tagalog for his fans in the Philippines.

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