UFC 162 Play-by-Play: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman

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Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman

Round 1: No touch of gloves.  Silva bounces on the outside.  Weidman pushing forward.  He drops for a takedown and gets it.  Weidman lands a hard right hand.  Weidman lands short left hands.  Weidman postures up.  Weidman moves to half guard.  Silva works his way back to full guard.  Three minutes remain in the round.  Weidman lands a hard right hand.  Weidman spins and goes for a leg.  Silva rolls and gets free.  He’s back to standing.  Silva stands in front of Weidman.  He goes back to the fence and tells Weidman to come in.  Weidman lands a combination.  Silva puts his hands on his waist.  Weidman lands a right hand.  Silva taunts him.  Silva landsd an inside leg kick followed by a jab.  Silva urges Weidman on.  Silva lands his jab and an outside leg kick.  Silva urges Weidman on.  Silva misses with a combination.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Weidman.

Round 2: Anderson talking to Weidman.  They touch gloves.  Weidman moving forward.  Silva circles on the outside.  Weidman looks for a takedown and Silva stuffs it.  Silva lands an outside leg kick.  Weidman misses with a high kick.  Silva drops his hands and Weidman lands a left hand that puts Silva down.  He finishes with another right hand.  Silva is out.  Herb Dean stops the fight.

The official time of the knockout was 1:18 of the second round.


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