UFC 157 Play-by-Play: Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler

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08-Koscheck vs Lawler

Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler

Round 1: Koscheck comes out quickly.  He lands a leg kick.  Lawler lands a right hand.  Koscheck drops down and drives forward with a double leg takedown.  Lawler gets back to his feet, but Koscheck still has his  head and arm.  Koscheck works for the takedown. He gets it.  Koscheck lands a left hand to the body.  Koscheck works to take Lawler’s back.  Lawler rolls back to guard.  Koscheck stands and lands a couple of right hands as Lawler used the cage to get back to his feet.  Koscheck presses Lawler against the cage adn works for a takedown.  Lawler lands a knee to the body.  Koscheck goes for a takedown.  Lawler stuffs it.  He’s in top position.  He transitions and lands thunderous right hands.  Koscheck is hurt.  Referee Herb Dean stops the fight.  Koscheck isn’t happy with the call.

The official time of the stoppage was 3:57 of the first round.

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