UFC 154 Live Play-by-Play: Steven Siler vs. Darren Elkins

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Steven Siler vs. Darren Elkins

Round 1: The two fighters do not touch gloves and UFC 154 is officially underway.  Siler looking to counter and working leg kicks early.  Elkins bouncing in and out, throwing big shots.  Elkins lands a combination and presses Siler to the cage.   Elkins works knees to the body and takes Siler to the ground.  Siler works his way back to full guard.  Siler controlling Elkins’ posture at the moment.  Elkins stands and delivers a hard right hand.  Elkins moves to half guard.  Elkins lands a couple of left hands and short elbows.  Siler works back to full guard.  He gets back to his feet but Elkins takes him back to the canvas.  Elkins pulls guard and applies a guillotine choke. Siler gets free from the choke.  The round ends with Elkins landing a right hand.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Elkins.

Round 2: Elkins secures an early takedown. Siler gets to full guard.  Elkins postures up and lands a left hand.  Siler lands an up-kick and another one that was solid. Elkins drops back in his guard and lands a few hammer fists.  Elkins takes Siler’s back and applies a rear naked choke.  Siler defends it. Elkins slaps on a body triangle and lands short punches to the side of Siler’s head.  Elkins is having his way thus far.  He peppers Siler with punches.  Siler throwing elbows from his back. Siler is bleeding from his nose.  Elkins locks in the rear naked choke but can’t finish it.  A minute remains in the round. Elkins applies another rear naked choke but can’t finish it. Siler lands left hands from the bottom.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-8 for Elkins.

Round 3:  Siler’s corner tells him he needs a knockout to win.  Siler takes the center of the cage.  Elkins works the outside.  Siler lands a stiff jab.  Elkins returns the favor.  Elkins delivers a combination. Siler moves in with a knee to the body.  Elkins ties him up and takes him down. Siler works back to his feet.  Elkins presses him against the fence.  They separate.  Elkins lands a right hand.  Elkins works for a single leg takdown and gets it.  Elkins moves to half guard.  Elkins delivers punches from the top.  Siler scrambles to his feet only to be taken down again.  He stands and they separate.  Elkins drops for a takedown. The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Elkins.

All three judges score the fight 30-27 for Elkins by unanimous decision.

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