UFC 154 Live Play-by-Play: Matt Riddle vs. John Maguire

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Matt Riddle vs. John Maguire

Round 1: They touch gloves.  Maguire paws with his jab and the two exchange leg kicks.  Riddle lands a right hand followed by a powerful outside leg kick.  Riddle delivers a right hook.  Both being conservative in their approach. Maguire lands a counter right hand.  Riddle lands an outside leg kick and Maguire catches it but Riddle spins out.  Riddle presses forward with punches.  Maguire catches a kick, but again, Riddle spins free.  Maguire catches another leg kick by Riddle and Maguire presses forward. They battle in the clinch momentarily before separating.  Maguire moves in with a right hand.  They exchange and and Maguire lands a left hand. The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Riddle.

Round 2: Maguire moves in and Riddle lands a right hand. Maguire delivers an outside leg kick. Maguire lands a solid outside leg kick.  Riddle presses forward and lands a left hand.  They clinch. Riddle presses Maguire against the cage.  The pace picks up a bit. Maguire lands a left hand.  Riddle catches a leg kick and pushed Maguire to the ground. Riddle drops down inside Maguire’s guard. Riddle stands and delivers kicks to Maguires legs.  The referee stands them up.  They work along the cage with Riddle landing punches to the body.  The separate.  Riddle moves in with a combination. Maguire lands a hard right hook. They exchange along the cage.  Riddle lands a combination.  He urges Maguire to come on.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Riddle, but the round was close.

Round 3: Maguire’s corner tells him to get the fight to the ground.  They take the center of the cage.  Riddle moving forward. Maguire works his jab.  They clinch. Maguire lands an elbow on the inside and they break.  Riddle delivers a kick to the body.  Riddle landing his jab.  Maguire answers with an outside leg kick.  Maguire lands a left hand.  Riddle moves in with a right hand.  Maguire looks for a takedown but Riddle fends it off.  They clinch.  Riddle lands a hard knee to the body.  They work for position along the cage. Riddle works for a takeown.  Maguire applies a guillotine choke and lands a knee to Riddle’s head.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores teh round 10-9 for Riddle but another close round.

The judges score the fight for Riddle by unanimous decision. The scorecards read: 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

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