UFC 153 Play-by-Play: Gleison Tibau vs. Francisco Trinaldo

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Gleison Tibau vs. Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1: They dance around for a bit, before Tibau shoots and scores a takedown. He quickly goes for a guillotine as Trinaldo regains his feet. Tibau maintains the choke and pulls it back down to the mat, but Trinaldo escapes. They’re back up and clinched on the fence. Tibau lands a solid combination as they break and move to the center of the Octagon. Tibau catches a left kick to the body and lands a couple left hands to the face, then puts Trinaldo on the mat again briefly. They’re right back up, Trinaldo pressing, trying to land some combinations, but deftly clinches and puts Trinaldo’s back to the cage again. Trinaldo reverses position, but they come off the fence. Trinaldo lands a couple knees and then lands a right hand, but Tibau scores another takedown, landing in Trinaldo’s full guard. Trinaldo ties him up tight until the horn sounds. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Tibau.

Round 2: Trinaldo starts working his jab, trying to set up a big left hand, but Tibau clinches. Trinaldo lands a solid elbow as they break and then lands an arcing overhand left that drops Tibau. Trinaldo follows him down and immediately sinks a rear naked choke, but Tibau deftly defends. Trinaldo maintains his back and then transitions to mount. He slips off trying to sink an arm triangle. Tibau defends again, gaining half guard, but Trinaldo is dropping some solid punches and elbows. Tibau finally gains full guard, but Trinaldo is still unloading. Trinaldo stands, trying to pass guard and passes to half guard with a minute left in the round. It’s all Trinaldo, who continues to drop shots down on Tibau, who is merely trying to survive the round. And he does. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-8 for Trinaldo.

Round 3: Both men come out swinging, both landing. Tibau rocks Trinaldo with a left hook, but fires off a knee in answer. Tibau drops and takes Trinaldo to the mat, landing in his full guard. Tibau starts punching and hammerfisting as Trinaldo tries to tie him up. Tibau slips free and lands several hammerfists and then passes to half guard. Tibau is trying to drop some elbows and is trying to free his leg to pass to side, but the referee stands them up. Tibau gets him right back to the mat and quickly transitions to side control and then full mount. Tibau locks up an arm triangle, but he’s still in half guard, unable to put the full choke on. He moves back to full mount, pot-shotting Trinaldo to the final horn. MMAWeekly.com scores round three 10-9 for Tibau, but the fight a 28-28 draw.

Gleison Tibau def. Francisco Trinaldo by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28), R3

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