UFC 150 Results: Max Holloway’s Body Shot Puts Justin Lawrence Away

August 11, 2012

Justin Lawrence and Max Holloway at UFC 150
If the jab is the most underutilized weapon in the stand-up arsenal of most mixed martial artists, the body shot is a close second.

The ability to land the perfect shot and watch your opponent’s wind literally disappear in front of you can be a formidable weapon, and young UFC featherweight Max Holloway knew it.

Taking on former Ultimate Fighter competitor Justin Lawrence to kick off the UFC 150 pay-per-view, Holloway was ready for a stand-up fight and he delivered.

Using his length to keep Lawrence away for the majority of the bout, Holloway then closed the distance with explosive punches and knees.

In the 2nd round, Holloway leapt in for a knee to the body and Lawrence’s midsection collapsed as he backed away to avoid more damage. Holloway didn’t back up however and delivered a nasty right-left combination straight to the gut that dropped Lawrence to the mat.

Holloway only had to land a few more strikes before referee Josh Rosenthal stepped in to stop the carnage.

At only 20-years of age, Holloway is currently the youngest fighter on the UFC roster and now has two wins in the Octagon to his credit as well.

“We knew it was going to become a striking war, we wanted ‘Fight of the Night’ and we were putting it out there for the fans,” said Holloway after his second win in the UFC.

As he continues to develop, Holloway has to be considered one of the brightest rising stars in the featherweight division.

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