UFC 150 Play-by-Play: Justin Lawrence vs. Max Holloway

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Justin Lawrence vs. Max Holloway

Round 1: They touch gloves and the UFC 150 main card is underway.  They feel each other out early.  Lawrence throws a side kick to the body.  Holloway lands a jab.  Lawrence lands an overhand right.  Lawrence moves forward with a combination but Holloway moves away.  Holloway lands a stiff jab and an outside leg kick.  Lawrence lands a lead left hook.  Holloway moves in with a front kick that lands below the belt.  Lawrence is given time to recover from the low blow. Holloway apologizes and the fight is restarted.  The pace slows a bit.  Lawrence pushes forward.  Holloway lands a lead left hook and Lawrence takes him down.  Holloway quickly gets back to his feet and they separate.  Lawrence is cut along the hairline.  Holloway lands a knee and Lawrence responds with a right hand.  Lawrence jumps inside with a combination.  He goes to the body with a left hook.  Lawrence delivers a right have over the top.  Holloway stalks him and eats a counter left hand.  Holloway lands another low blow at the end of the round.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Lawrence.

Justin Lawrence and Max Holloway at UFC 150Round 2: They take the center of the Octagon and exchange jabs.  Lawrence using front kicks and side kicks to keep Holloway on the outside. Lawrence moves in with a left hook.  Lawrence lands a spinning back fist.  Holloway lands a clean right hand. He follows with a kick to the body.  They both miss with right hands.  Lawrence looks for a takedown but Holloway shakes it off.  Holloway moves in with a double jab.  Lawrence answers with a combination.  Lawrence drives forward for a takdown and Holloway stuffs it.  A minute remains in the round.  Holloway moving forward.  He lands a knee to the body.  Lawrence looks to be slowing.  Holloway is stalking.  Lawrence moves in and gets hit with a left hook.  Holloway lands a left hook to the body that puts Lawrence down.  He moves in with a flurry of punches.  Lawrence covers up but Holloway lands too many.  The referee stops the fight.  Holloway wins by TKO.

The official time of the technical knockout was 4:49 of the second round.

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