UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans Primetime – Episode 2 (Full Video)

April 17, 2012

UFC 145 PosterThe title fight between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former teammate Rashad Evans at UFC 145 is the latest in the line of big-time bouts to gain UFC Primetime status. UFC Primetime is a three-part series of 30-minute behind-the-scenes looks.

UFC Primetime: Jones vs. Evans episode one covered the evolution of Jon Jones and Rashad Evans’ rivalry, then went inside their training camps as they prepare to meet again…. this time as opponents.

In episode two, Jones and Evans open up about their families and go deeper into the roots of their rivalry.

If you missed it on FX, or just want to rewatch it, check out UFC 145 Primetime episode two below. Click here for episode one.