UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans Play-by-Play: Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans

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Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans

Round 1:  Jones lands to the body early.  The champion is stalking Evans, lands a knee. Jones is using his front kicks to gauge his opponent. Jones ducks under a right hook by Evans.  Jones misses with a superman punches and doubles up with front kicks.  Evans lands a big right head kick that stuns the champion.  Jones fakes a takedown and clinches to close the round.

Round 2:   Greg Jackson informs Jones to keep his hands up in between rounds while Evans’ corner urges him to not back off.  The two fighters clinch early and Rashad lands a knee. Jones lands a leg kick and Rashad misses a hook counter. Jones misses a spinning back kick and almost gets taken down.  The champion begins to land standing elbows close up.  Jones lands a big knee and left hook to end the round.

Round 3:   Evans lands counter right hook. Jones responds with a superman punch as Rashad begins to gain confidence; stalking more.  Jones lands a glancing left body kick.  Jones cutting off the cage more, landing a jumping knee. Rashad lands a left hook in a small exchange.  Jones land a switch kick to the body.  The champion defends a takedown attempt, pushes Evans away.  Jones catches a kick as the round ends.

Round 4:   Neither fighter landing much during first minute.  Jones misses with a spinning elbow.  They tie up and Jones lands a knee.  Rashad lands leg kick but is countered by Jones.  A takedown by Rashad is shrugged off. Evans lands a nice right hook to the body.  Swelling over Rashad’s right eye is more visible as the former champion is breathing through his mouth.  The two clinch, Jones lands a couple of shoulder strikes to Rashad’s chin.  Jones shoots for a takedown but Rashad defends.

Round 5:   Evans comes out more aggressive.  Jones lands a right hook while Rashad misses with a counter.  Jones stalking more.  The two clinch and Jones lands some more shoulder strikes.  Jones beginning to loosen up and landing more effectively.  Jones throws Rashad down and lands a clean shot.  Evans gets back up and they clinch again. In an unpredictable move, Jones pulls a jumping guard to finish the fight.

Jon Jones def. Rashad Evans by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 49-46, 49-46), R5


UFC of 145: Jones vs. Evans Live Results Home Page