UFC 144 Japan Play-by-Play: Takanori Gomi vs. Eiji Mitsuoka

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Takanori Gomi vs. Eiji Mitsuoka

Round 1:  Gomi pumps his jab out there.  He has a low stance.  Mitsuoka lands a right hand.  Gomi responds with a left hand.  Mitsuoka lands a stiff jab followed by a left hand.  Mitsuoka tries to get the fight to the ground.  They’re clinched.  Gomi lands two hard knees to the body.  They separate.  Mitsuoka lands a right hand and looks for a takedown.  Gomi shakes it off.  Gomi paws with his left hand.  He switches stances.  Mitsuoka lands a right hand.  Gomi lands an outside leg kick and an inside leg kick.  Mitsuoka lands a left hook.  Gomi throws a body shot and gets clipped with a right hand.  He falls face down.  Mitsuoka goes for the finish and puts Gomi in a mounted triangle from the back.  Gomi is saved by the bell.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Mitsuoka.

Round 2:  Gomi lands a kick to the body to start the round.  They exchange.  Gomi is on the attack.  He’s moving forward with punches. Mitsuoka ties him up.  Gomi lands two uppercuts and a knee.  Mitsuoka retreats.  Gomi lands an uppercut and a knee to the body.  Mitsuoka works to secure a takedown.  Gomi peppers his body with short punches.  Gomi spins and takes his back adn lands a series of right hands.  The referee stops the fight.  Mitsuoka wasn’t defending himself.

The official time of the technical knockout was 2:21 of the second round.

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