UFC 144 Japan Play-by-Play: Riki Fukuda vs. Steve Cantwell

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Riki Fukuda vs. Steve Cantwell

Round 1:  Cantwell pumps his jab out there.  He throws a leg kick and Fukuda quickly takes him to the canvas.  Fukuda lands punches.  Cantwell works his guard high.  Fukuda continues to land punches to the body and head.  Cantwell scrambles back to his feet.  Fukuda presses him against the fence.  Cantwell lands a knee and they separate.  Cantwell lands a kick to the body at the midway mark of the round.  Cantwell moves forward with a combination.  Fukuda works for a takedown but Cantwell shakes it off.  Fukuda shoots in for a double let but Cantwell sprawls.  They exchange leg kicks.  Fukuda drives forward with a combination.  He picks up the pace and lands a right hand.  Cantwell lands two right hands to the body.  Fukuda works inside leg kicks to Cantwell’s lead leg.  Cantwell lands a series of kicks at the bell.  Very close round.  MMAWeekly.com scores it 10-9 for Fukuda.

Round 2: Fukuda lands back to back leg kicks.  Cantwell answers with a hard inside leg kick.  Fukuda drives for a takedown and gets it.  Cantwell applies a guillotine choke.  Fukuda punches him to the body.  Cantwell lets it go and they’re back to their feet.  Fukuda lands an inside leg kick.  They clinch and Cantwell lands a nice knee.  Fukuda lands two uppercuts inside the clinch.  They separate.  Cantwell lands a left hook to the head.  Fukuda lands more leg kicks and a right hand.  Fukuda presses the action.  He drives Cantwell across the cage.  He batters Cantwell to the body against the cage.  Cantwell fires back and lands a solid right hand.  They’re back in the center of the Octaon.  Fukuda with an inside leg kick.  Fukuda lands an uppercut.  Fukuda lets a leg kick get away from him and it lands on Cantwell’s groin.  Cantwell was given time to recover and action was resumed.  Cantwell ducks under a punch and gets a takedown.  Fukuda stands but Cantwell briefly had his back.  They separate and the bell ends the round.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Fukuda.

Round 3:  Fukuda goes back to working leg kicks.  He’s working inside and outside kicks to Cantwell’s lead leg.  Fukuda controls the center of the cage.  He moves Cantwell back with leg kicks and punches.  Cantwell lands a roundhouse kick.  Fukuda lands a combination.  Fukuda secures a double leg takedown.  Cantwell works to isolate an arm.  Fukuda takes his back.  Cantwell rolls and Fukuda is in side control.  Cantwell scrambles back to his feet.  Fukuda lands more leg kicks.  Cantwell has slowed.  Fukuda begins to open up with his strikes.  Fukuda lands a hard kick to the body.  Cantwell backs to the cage and covers up.  Cantwell is so fatigued he can barely keep his hands up.  Fukuda with another kick to the body.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Fukuda.

The judges score the fight unanimously for Riki Fukuda.  The scorecards read; 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

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