UFC 144 Japan Play-by-Play: Kid Yamamoto vs. Vaughan Lee

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Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto vs. Vaughan Lee

Round 1: Yamamoto moving around on the outside.  Yamamoto jumps in and lands a right hand.  Yamamoto lands a left hand.  Lee misses with a big counter.  Yamamoto lands a right hook.  Lee drives forward and looks for a takedown.  Yamamoto quickly gets free.  Yamamoto lands a big right hand that knocks Lee down.  Lee gets up and covers.  Yamamoto tries to finish with punches along the cage.  Lee recovers.  Lee lands a flying knee.  They clinch and quickly separate.  Yamamoto moves in with a right hand but eats a left hook.  Lee lands a combination that wobbles Yamamoto.  Lee goes in for the finish.  Yamamoto drops down for a takedown.  He applies a triangle choke.  He switches to an arm bar.  Yamamoto taps out.  Vaughan Lee submits “Kid” Yamamoto.

The official time of the submission was 4:29 of the first round.

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