UFC 142 Rio Play-by-Play: Felipe Arantes vs. Antonio Carvalho

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Felipe Arantes vs. Antonio Carvalho

Round 1:  Carvalho throws a combination but gets hit wiht a counter punch.  Arantes gets taken down after throwing a leg kick.  Carvalho passes his guard into side control.  Arantes rolls and Carvalho takes his back.  They scramble and Arantes gets to his feet but Carvalho controls his head and lands knees to the body.  Arantes dives for a takedown but it is stuffed.  Carvalho mounts and lands elbows.  Arantes exploded back to his feet.  They’re separated.  Arantes lands a stiff jab.  He begins to use his kicks.  Arantes lands a right hand. The pace slows.  Carvalho lands an outside leg kick.  Arantes looks to be the better kickboxer.  Arantes throws a flying knee and Carvalho tries to get the fight to the ground.  Arantes shows excellent balance and fends it off.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Carvalho.

Round 2:  Arantes lands a kick to the body.  Carvalho answers with an outside leg kick.  Arantes unleashes a flurry but Carvalho covers and moves laterally out. Carvalho lands a left body shot.  Arantes counters with a combination.  They exchange leg kicks.  They clinch and Carvalho turns Arantes to the cage.  The separate.  Arantes moves in with a combination.  Carvalho covers and absorbs shots to the body and a right hand on the  way out.  Arantes clinches and lands a knee to the body and moves out.  He throws a jumping knee followede by a right hand.  Carvalho moves forward.  he has Arvantes covering up and misses with a wheel kick.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Arantes.

Round 3:   Carvalho throws a combination and a high kick, but all are blocked.  Arantes lands a right hand, leg kick combination.  The pace picks up a bit.  Carvalho throwing high kicks but getting them blocked. Carvahlo goes for a takedown.  Arantes obtains top position and works inside Carvalho’s guard.  Three minutes remain in the round.  Arantes lands a couple of elbows.  One of them cuts Carvalho.  Carvalho not controling Arantes’ head and posture and taking damage from punches and elbows.  Carvalho lands some short punches from the bottom.  Arantes postures up and lands a right hand.  Arantes landing combinations from the body to the head inside Carvalho’s open guard.  Arantes passes his guard.  Carvalho scrambles to his feet with a minute remaining.  Arantes lands a knee to the body.  Arantes lands a hard right hand to Carvalho’s jaw.  Carvalho misses with a flying knee.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Arantes.

 The judges score the fight unanimously for Arantes with all three scorecards reading 29-28. 


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