UFC 142: Palhares Heel Hooks Another One

January 14, 2012

Rousimar Palhares
It’s safe to say that Rousimar Palhares is a fan of finishing fights with the heel hook.

The submission machine through 7 wins in the UFC has five by submission, and four of those came by heel hook. The fourth was on Saturday night as he put away New Jersey fighter Mike Massenzio at UFC 142.

The fight got off to a rocky start with Palhares tagging Massenzio a little low that brought a pause to the fight. The time it took Massenzio to recover almost matched how much the clock passed after the restart as Palhares snatched the submission.

Palhares looked for a takedown and ended up pulling Massenzio to the ground, and with absolutely fluid movement, the Brazilian had a hold of his opponent’s leg and the end was just moments away.

Palhares grabbed Massenzio’s heel under his arm and torqued hard, and it only took a second for the American to tap his opponent’s back signifying the end of the fight.

As he literally locked up his third straight win, Palhares was emotional in victory paying tribute to a fallen friend he lost before the fight.

“This is to my great partner who unfortunately passed away, but he’s right here with us. So thank you brother, thank you for this,” Palhares said.

No matter how many times he gets the submission, opponents just can’t seem to stop Palhares when he grabs a leg and looks for the heel hook. Just count Mike Massenzio as the latest victim.

“This is a strong point of mine and if I’m able to do it well, I do it well,” Palhares commented about his ability to get heel hook submissions. “I like submissions and I got another one tonight.”

The submission wizard will now have to hope the UFC gives him a top ten opponent following three straight dominant wins in the Octagon.

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