UFC 140 Results: Ebersole Ekes Out Decision

December 10, 2011

Toronto’s hometown fighter, Claude Patrick, and Brian Ebersole didn’t fight one of the most exciting fights of the night at UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida, but it was a close one that went all three rounds.

Patrick came close to a finish early, sinking a deep guillotine choke on Ebersole, but Ebersole deftly defended. They spent the rest of the round, wrestling for position from the clinch, Ebersole repeatedly failing to score a takedown.

Patrick opened round two landing some good punches and knees, Ebersole once again pressing him to the fence and trying to score a takedown. Patrick, however, continued to fight off the takedown attempts, separating and landing some solid punch combinations before pressing Ebersole to the fence, peppering him with knees to the body and legs. Patrick finished the round with another solid punch combination that rocked Ebersole, but failed in his own takedown attempt.

Ebersole dominated the majority of the final round, maintaining position and control, but Patrick fought back valiantly in the final couple of minutes. He attempted several chokes, although he was unable to lock on a finishing hold.

In the end, Ebersole eked out a split decision victory, the significance of which was not lost on the veteran fighter.

“I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things that I wanted to do,” said Ebersole. “I’m very thankful to get the decision in his hometown.”

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