UFC 140 Play-by-Play: Nik Lentz vs. Mark Bocek

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Nik Lentz vs. Mark Bocek

Round 1: Bocek takes the center of the Octagon.  Bocek lands a right hand.  They clinch.  Bocek lands two knees to the body.  They separate.  Lentz misses with a head kick.  They clinch again.  Bocek powers Lentz to the ground.  Lentz grabs his neck and works for a gullotine choke.  Bocek stands and frees himself.  Bocek slams Lentz to the canvas.  Bocek works to pass Lentz’ guard.  Lentz does a good job of keeping position.  Bocek lands a few left hands.  Bocek advances to half guard and moves to side control.  Lentz gets back to half guard and eventually back to full guard.  Bocek lands big elbows as the round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Bocek.

Round 2:  Bocek lands an inside leg kick and a left hook to the body.  Bocek goes for a takedown but Lentz fends it off.  Bocek threw a high kick and misses.  He slips and Lentz jumps on him.  Bocek spins and gains top position.  Bocek working some light ground and pound.  Lentz delivers elbows from the bottom.  Lentz looks for a knee bar but Bocek adjusts.  He’s back in Lentz’ guard and lands elbows to Lentz’ body.  Bocek doing enough not to get stood up but not doing damage.  Lentz applies a guillotine.  Bocek stands.  The go back to the ground.  Bocek defends the choke and is back in Lentz’ guard.  They get stood up.  Lentz moves in and lands a combination.  They clinch at the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Bocek.

Round 3:  Bocek moves in and lands an outside leg kick before securing a double leg takedown.  Lentz grabs his neck but can’t sink in the choke.  Bocek lands a couple of right hands from the top position.  Lentz ties him up and gets back to his feet.  Lentz lands an uppercut that snaps Bocek’s head back.  Bocek gets another takedown.  Lentz looks for a choke but Bocek sees it coming.  Bocek lands some elbows.  Bocek has been able to control the entire fight outside of a couple of guillotine choke attempts by Lentz.  Bocek gets to side control briefly but Lentz works back to full guard.  Lentz gets up and they exchange in the final second.  MMAWeekly scores the final round 10-9 for Bocek.

The judges score Bocek the unanimous winner with all three judges scoring the fight 30-27.

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