UFC 140 Play-by-Play: John Cholish vs. Mitch Clarke

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John Cholish vs. Mitch Clarke

Round 1: 

Cholish lands a right hand. Clarke stuffs a takedown. Cholish shoots in for another takedown and Clarke fends the second attempt off. Cholish moves forward landing a leg kick and right hand. Cholish lands a right hand. Clarke gets Cholish down and has his back. Cholish stands and rolls for a knee bar. Clarke defends and establishes his guard. After some light ground and pound, Clarke lets his opponent up. Cholish lands an inside leg kick. Cholish changes stance and switches back. Clarke moves forward missing with punches. Clark has slowed. Cholish shoots for a takedown and Clarke shakes it off. The round ends. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Cholish.

Round 2:  Cholish lands a right hand to start the second stanza.  Cholish lands a solid right hand and moves in for a takedown.  They’re tied up along the cage.  They separate quickly.  Clarke lands a clancing right hand.  Cholish answers with a right hand.  They exchange leg kicks.  At the midway point in the round, Cholish lands a looping right hand.  Clarke moves forward but eats a right hand.  Cholish ducks under a punch and secures a double leg takedown.  Clarke controls his head while Cholish lands short punches to his body.  Clarke rolls and gets to his feet.  They scramble.  Cholish takes his back and has the back mount.  Cholish opens up with punches.  He flattens him out and pounds away.  Clarke is bloodied.  The referee stops the fight.  Cholish wins by TKO.

The official time of the stoppage was 4:36 of the second round.

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