UFC 140 Play-by-Play: Claude Patrick vs. Brian Ebersole

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Claude Patrick vs. Brian Ebersole

Round 1:  They’re careful in the opening moments.  Ebersole goes for a single leg takedown.  Patrick fends it off.  Ebersole pushes him to the cage.  Patrick lands knees to the body inside the clinch.  He turns and presses Ebersole against the fence.  Ebersole drops down for a takedown.  Patrick applies a guillotine choke.  Ebersole defends and Patrick gets back to his feet.  Patrick moves in with a left hand.  Ebersole answers with a jab and left hook to the body.  They clinch along the cage.  They battle for position.  Patrick spins him and lands a couple of punches to the body as the round ends.  Close round.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Ebersole.

  Round 2:  Ebersole works his jab.  Patrick misses a takedown attempt.  Patrick lands a left hand inside the clinch.  Ebersole presses him against the cage.  The briefly separate before Ebersole moves in for another takedown attempt.  Patrick fends it off.  Patrick lands a knee inside the clinch.  They separate for just a second before Ebersole clinches.  Two minutes remaining in the round and they’re working from the clinch along the cage.  Patrick gets free and lands a front kick to the body.  Patrick catches a leg kick and briefly takes Ebersole’s back.  Ebersole spins but finds himself pressed against the fence.  He turns Patrick.  They separate.  Patrick lands a solid right hand.  Ebersole works for a takedown as the bell sounds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Patrick.

Round 3:  Ebersole’s corner tells him to get the fight to the ground between rounds.  He immediately shoots or a double leg takedown.  He eventually gets it.  Ebersole is inside Patrick’s guard.  Patrick uses his butterfly guard to get back to his feet.  Ebersole has his back standing and slams him to the canvas.  Patrick rolls over and Ebersole takes his back.  Patrick controls his hands.  Patrick stands but Ebersole still has his back.  Patrick turns into him and they’re clinched against the fence.  Ebersole works for a single leg takedown.  Patrick isolates an arm for a moment and gets top position.  Patrick looks for a choke but Ebersole easily escapes.  Ebersole lands an uppercut.  Patrick lands a left hand to the head and one ot the body.  Patrick looks for another choke but Ebersole shakes it off.  Ebersole gains top position at the bell.  MMAWeeklyscores the round 10-9 for Patrick in an extremely close fight.

The judges score the fight a split decision for Brian Ebersole.  The scorecards read, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

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