UFC 139 Play-by-Play: Miguel Torres vs. Nick Pace

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Miguel Torres vs. Nick Pace

Miguel Torres and Nick Pace at UFC 139Round 1: Both fighters being a little causious at opening, trying to find range and see how the other reacts to different looks. Pace starts pressing and lands several knees to the body, driving Torres to the cage. Pace keeps pressing, trying to find the takedown, all the while driving his knee into Torres’ thigh. Torres attempts a Kimura, but Pace rolls with him and they wind up right back on their feet. Torres lands a solid combination and then finishes with a hard right hand to finish the round. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Torres.

Miguel Torres and Nick Pace at UFC 139Round 2: Torres comes out aggressively with his kicks, working high and low, putting Pace a little off balance, keeping him out of range. Torres keeps pressing the pace, working in his jab among his kicks. Pace times it well and scores a double-leg takedown, landing in Torres’ full guard. Torres immediately starts popping him with elbows and palm heel strikes. Pace stays tight and then passes to side control, but Torres is striking the entire time. Torres escapes out and back to his feet, pressing Pace up against the fence. Torres staying busy, landing knees to the legs and body of Pace and mixing in some punches to the head. Pace is wrestling for position, but isn’t mustering much offense. Torres lands a hard knee to the head just before the end of the round. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Torres.

Miguel Torres and Nick Pace at UFC 139Round 3: Torres is again the one pressing the action. Pace seems a little lost, trying to find an opening. But Torres keeps coming, this round mixing in more punch and elbow combinations with his kicks. Pace finally drives Torres to the fence, but Torres immediately reverses position, pressing Pace to the fence and working his body with knees and hammering foot stomps. They separate with about two minutes left in the round, Torres working his jab, setting up some solid punch combinations. They end up along the cage again, Torres pressing Pace into the fence and hammering home the knees again. They separate again with about 20 seconds left, neither landing much of significance in the final moments of the fight. MMAWeekly.com scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Torres.

Miguel Torres def. Nick Pace by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27), R3

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