UFC 139: Jason Brilz Expects Ryan Bader to be at His Best

November 18, 2011

Jason Brilz

Jason Brilz hammers Brad Morris at UFN 15

With three losses in his last four fights, UFC light heavyweight Jason Brilz was asked what he could do to reverse his fortunes.

“I’m not sure what I can do,” he replied. “I’ve just been fighting tough competition, really.

“Aside from my Vladdy (Matyushenko) fight, all my other losses were either by split decision or could have easily gone either way. I guess if it’s not severely broken, why fix it?”

Not one to panic and heavily alter his training routine, Brilz told MMAWeekly.com the only thing he’s made adjustments to is his outlook.

“I’ve fine-tuned a couple of things, like my mental game,” he said. “I’m more relaxed and am having more fun with it. This is more or less my hobby. It’s not my career or any of that. It’s supposed to be fun, and if it’s not fun, why do it?

“I’ve just been doing the same that I’ve normally been doing. This training camp has been my best to date; like everyone before it. I’ve gotten stronger, quicker, and I’ve definitely been working on my weaknesses.”

Brilz will try to get back on track against Ryan Bader at UFC 139 on Saturday night in San Jose, Calif.

“I think we match-up pretty well,” said Brilz. “He’s a great wrestler and has a lot of credentials coming from there. He’s strong and athletic.

“He’s pretty much everything I’m not, and that’s what intrigues me about the match-up.”

Brilz feels his fight with Bader could be a dark horse candidate for Fight of the Night due to the fact that he doesn’t think it will turn out to be the kind of grappling match it may appear to be on paper.

“Usually you get two wrestlers in there and hopefully the wrestling will nullify itself and hopefully it plays out on the feet,” he said.

“I think I have an advantage in experience, and if it does go to the ground, I’ve really been incorporating my wrestling with my jiu-jitsu, so I think I have an advantage there.”

One thing Brilz is not counting on is Bader to continue the mistakes that have seen him lose back-to-back fights heading into UFC 139.

“He’s still a young fighter and he’s constantly evolving. Every fight he’s getting better, so if I just sit there and focus on what he did in his last fight, he might not be doing that anymore,” said Brilz. “I’m not looking at his last two fights as any indication (of how he’ll perform against me).

“I’m expecting the best Ryan Bader so far, and that’s what I’m hoping for.”

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