UFC 138 Results: Thiago Alves, Honorary Brit?

November 5, 2011

Thiago Alves might soon want to develop a British accent with the way he performs in England.

The Brazilian slugger is now 2-0 in England after submitting Octagon newcomer Papy Abedi with a rear naked choke in the first round of their fight at UFC 138 to get back on the winning track.

A former middleweight, Abedi welcomed the challenge to face a top ten welterweight in Alves for his first fight, but he might be rethinking that decision now.

Abedi didn’t back down from Alves when the fight started, aggressively stalking the Brazilian around the cage and kept him backing up.

Much like his “Pitbull” nickname, Alves was just waiting for his moment to strike and when he did, the fight ended quickly.

Alves clipped Abedi with a quick right hook, stunning the Swedish fighter. Alves followed up with a fast left and another right that sent Abedi crashing to the mat. Following the fight, Alves admitted that he was sitting back to wait for just the right moment to strike.

“I was waiting a little bit, he’s a southpaw and he caught me good with the upkick, but I knew every time he threw the left hand, he was dropping his hand,” Alves stated.

Once he was on the ground, Alves got the mount and absolutely mauled Abedi with elbows, opening a large cut, and the Swede was almost out. As he turned to try and relieve some of the pressure, Abedi opened himself up Alves’ underrated jiu-jitsu game.

Alves sunk his arm under Abedi’s chin and it only took a second before the tap came to signify the end of the fight.

The win puts Alves back in the win column after a tough decision loss to Rick Story in his last fight. Alves vowed before the fight that he was going in to finish Abedi and he didn’t disappoint. He also remembered to thank the British fans for another memorable trip to England.

“I love England. Last time I was here I got a flying knee, now this time I got my first submission,” Alves said to the crowd. “I love you guys.”

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