UFC 138 Results: Patience Pays for Perosh

November 5, 2011

Perosh sinks the choke

Perosh sinks the choke

Anthony Perosh won his second fight at light heavyweight, finishing Cyrille Diabate in their main card bout at UFC 138.

The grappler bested the striker by taking his back and sinking in the submission choke in the second round.

Perosh kept his distance early, backing up to stay away from his opponent’s long reach. Diabate kept on the offensive and controlled the pace past the first minute of the bout. Perosh had little chance to shoot in for takedowns because he kept such a distance, and the one attempt he had was stuffed easily.

Finally, Perosh ate a kick and was able to get his opponent to the ground. Diabate kept the half guard while Perosh attempted to pass. The round ended with Perosh doing little for ground and pound while in top position.

Round two began and Perosh had a cut under his right eye. Diabate attacked and landed a couple punches, but Perosh was able to drag him to the ground as the distance closed.

On the ground, Perosh was able to get full mount and transitioned onto Diabate’s back. Perosh sunk the rear-naked choke and the fight ended at 3:09 of the second frame.

“It was like there was a bit of extra pressure on me because I didn’t want the first [win] just to be a fluke,” Perosh told Joe Rogan after the win. “I won two in a row and I’m here to stay (at) light heavyweight.”

Perosh keeps his UFC light heavyweight record perfect after initially losing at heavyweight to Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic at UFC 110. With the loss, Diabate drops to 2-2 in the UFC.

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