UFC 136 Results: Nam Phan Defeats Garcia In Three-Round War

Leonard Garcia and Nam Phan at UFC 136In a rematch between two exciting featherweight strikers, Phan was able to get the decision in the rematch and prove that he was the rightful winner in the first bout.

The action packed fight between Phan and Garcia was something to be seen as the two let it all hang out in a stand up war, where Phan would win via unanimous decision.

Round one began and the two featherweights wasted no time engaging. Garcia seemed fight a bit more cleanly as a striker, but then Phan unloads with his hands and then manages to get Garcia off balance with a right hand. Phan then follows Garcia into his guard, not much action happens and the ref restarts the action. The fight quickly restarts and Phan starts tagging Garcia again and digs in to the body. At the end of the round Phan ends up on top but couldn’t get much offense off.

In round two, the two featherweights are right back off where the started with Garcia swinging wide and Phan landing crisper punches. Leonard seems to be the more tired of the two after taking Phan stepped to the left and teed off on his body. Phan is able to keep a steady pace and kept pressing the action against Garcia and landed some very solid strikes against the cage with under a minute left. Towards the end of the round, Phan was able to open a cut on the right cheek of Garcia and continue to show some solid boxing skills.

Garcia opens up in round three with far cleaner strikes than the last two rounds. After the first minute in the round, Garcia is able to drop Phan to a knee with a left hook. From there Garcia would throw big bombs at Phan against the cage but not much of the strikes landed clean and Phan was able to break away. At the two-minute mark, Garcia seemed a bit tired and Phan would secure a takedown and the Houston crowd would boo the takedown. The ref wasted no time in restarting the action and Garcia would go for a takedown with 30 seconds left in the round but to no avail. Garcia and Phan would end the round in a wild exchange between the two.

At the end of the fight, the Houston crowd was on their feet cheering the fast-paced match that they witnessed from the two featherweights.

After an exciting fight with Garcia, Phan was able to erase the controversial loss to Garcia and improve to 17-9.

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