UFC 136 Aftermath: If Offered, Nam Phan Welcomes Third Fight with Leonard Garcia

On Saturday night, UFC featherweight Nam Phan (17-9) was able to even the score with Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia with a unanimous decision victory in another thrilling fight.

In the first meeting between the two featherweights, Nam and a lot of pundits felt he was robbed of a decision and had no clue how the fight could’ve been scored in Garcia’s favor.

At UFC 136, Phan was able to capture the first two rounds of the rematch by landing crisper punches and devastating body shots.  In the third round, Garcia managed to stun Phan with a left hook, but could not capitalize on the opening and Phan scored with a takedown and at the end of the fight the two men would fight rock ‘em sock ‘em robot style.

“I felt like I won the first fight,” Phan said at the post-fight presser.

“I did my best to try and finish this fight. But Leonard, with all things considered, [is] a real tough guy.  I would say he’s very difficult to finish.”

After going 1-1 against the brawler Garcia, Phan is open to fighting him a third time.  He feels – in his view, after winning both fights – the fans were so pumped by the UFC 136 bout that it’s hard to turn down the potential opportunity to excite the crowd like that again.

“I’d like to put this rivalry behind us, but if the UFC wants to make the fight I’m all for it,” Phan said.

Now with Garcia behind him for the time being, Phan will go home to Garden Grove, Calif. with another Fight of the Night bonus and has erased any doubt in the minds of fans and pundits who doubted his performance the first meeting.

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