UFC 136 Aftermath: Chael Sonnen is After Anderson Silva’s Gold, Feels He’s True Middleweight Champ

October 9, 2011

Chael Sonnen, as many mixed martial arts fans know by now, has a lot to say when it comes to fighting. And when it comes to fighting the UFC middleweight champion, it seems that Sonnen has an endless array of one-liners and essays about Anderson Silva.

UFC 136 proved no different.

As soon as he punched his clock and finished business with Brian Stann in Houston, Sonnen ignored interview questions about his win and focused all of his attention, once again, on Silva. According to Sonnen, the champ “absolutely sucks” and Team Quest fighter is willing to put his UFC career on the line in a rematch with the 185-pound king.

Sonnen claims he’s a man of his word and will follow through with stepping away from the UFC if Silva beats him in their second meeting.

“As far as Anderson goes, we’re playing for keeps this time. I’ve had it with this guy and he’s probably had it with me. So, let’s just figure this thing out once and for all,” Sonnen said in a the post-fight press conference.

“My word is good and I meant it, a deal is a deal. I didn’t see him stand up and accept the challenge. (If) the role would have been on the other foot, I would’ve come over… and shoved that microphone up his ass… But you saw what he did; he just sat there and it was a good move.”

Anderson Silva at UFC 117

Anderson Silva at UFC 117 against Chael Sonnen

During his in-Octagon interview with Joe Rogan, Sonnen also said his rematch with Silva would come on Super Bowl weekend, which would land it in early February. UFC president Dana White is yet to announce the fight officially, but agrees that fans, and the champion, want the Silva-Sonnen rematch to happen next.

“I think some of the stuff [Sonnen] said has got Anderson pretty fired up,” White said. “I think that the people and Anderson probably wanted this Chael Sonnen fight.”

As for Sonnen, he’s not enamored with the limelight, paychecks, and recognition he gets from being Anderson Silva’s arch nemesis. He’s more concerned with only one thing; he wants the title around his waist.

An interesting note about that title, by the way: Sonnen believes he already earned it. In fact, the vocal middleweight feels that he is indeed the 185-pound champ.

“I got plenty of money, I got plenty of fame. I’m after 12 pounds of gold,” Sonnen said. “And as far as I’m concerned, that belt is worth nothing more than a piece of tin when it’s around [Silva’s} waist. I am the true middleweight champion.”

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