UFC 135 Results: Travis Browne Dominates Rob Broughton in Decision Win

September 24, 2011

Travis Browne won a unanimous decision at UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage, besting Rob Broughton in their main card affair.

The judges scored the bout 30-27 across the board for Browne, and he remains undefeated in his mixed martial arts career.

Browne attempted an overhand right early on, but it missed its mark, and a short while later, the two ended up in a clinch against the cage. After separating, Browne utilized legkicks to score points, and was generally the one coming forward as the aggressor. Broughton didn’t move very much at all in the first round and Browne looked light on his feet as he landed a nice left hand that sent his opponent back a bit. The round ended with the fight on the ground and Browne in top position, as well as ahead on points.

The second round of three started with Browne still controlling the striking game and landing legkicks. At two minutes in, Browne came forward with a flurry and hit some knees in the clinch. Broughton provided little offense towards the end of the round and Brown scored a single-leg takedown into full mount. Broughton could do nothing but defend until the end of the round as Browne worked from top position.

Browne was still light on his feet in the third round and scored another single-leg takedown just after the first minute of the final frame. From there, Brown worked from half guard to advance in position. Broughton gave up his back and ultimately gave up full mount, as well. After scrambling to put Browne in his guard, Broughton worked in a kimura attempt, but it was too little too late as the fight ended with Browne collecting the win on points.

Despite dominating the bout, Browne says he wasn’t happy with the way it ended up.

“I’m actually disappointed I didn’t finish him off,” Browne told Joe Rogan in his post fight interview. “He’s a really tough guy. For some reason I just couldn’t take him out.”

With the win in Denver, Browne improves his record to 12-0-1, while Broughton drops to 15-6-1 (1-1 UFC) in his professional campaign.

Travis Browne Post-Fight Video Interview

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