UFC 135 Results: Mark Hunt Wins Over an Exhausted Ben Rothwell

September 24, 2011

Ben Rothwell and Mark Hunt at UFC 135

Ben Rothwell and Mark Hunt at UFC 135

At one time, Mark Hunt was given a chance at the UFC because his contract carried over from the Pride purchase Zuffa made a few years ago.

Now the former K-1 fighter has won his last two fights in a row, the latest a unanimous decision win over Ben Rothwell at UFC 135.

It definitely wasn’t pretty as both Hunt and Rothwell were exhausted by the time the third round started, but the New Zealander had enough gas tank to out work the former IFL champion.

Rothwell looked strong early in the first round, taking the fight to the ground and looking to strike and put Hunt in an uncomfortable position.

To his credit, Hunt defended well on his back and came back strong in the 2nd round absolutely punishing Rothwell on the feet before snatching a takedown of his own. Once it was on the mat, Hunt dropped forearms and punches and busted up Rothwell, leaving him bleeding on the mat.

Rothwell was barely able to make it to his own corner after the 10 minute mark of the fight, and in the third round he wasn’t much better off. Lucky for Rothwell, Mark Hunt was equally exhausted by the final few minutes of the bout.

After the fight, a very tired Mark Hunt was a man of few words as he was catching his breath, but he still paid credit to his opponent for a good fight.

“He was tough,” Hunt said about Rothwell.

The biggest difference in Hunt’s game was his ground game, which has always been his Achilles heel. Hunt gave credit to American Top Team coach Ricardo Liborio as well as England’s Wolfslair team for helping improve his overall fight game.

Hunt now has two wins in a row, while after a very long layoff for Rothwell, he struggled mightily in his return to action.

Mark Hunt Post-Fight Press Comments Video

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