UFC 135 Play-by-Play: Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson

September 23, 2011

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Jon Jones vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Jon Jones and Quinton Jackson at UFC 135

Round 1:  

No touch of the gloves adn Jones comes out on the ground with one hand down and crawling around.  Jackson tries to punch him and then they clinch.  Jones presses Jackson against the cage and starts landing knees.  Jackson spins him, Jones grabs his neck.  Jones with a left elbow inside the clinch along the fence.  They separate.  Jones with a front kick to the body.  Jones throws a high kick that’s blocked.  Jackson having trouble getting inside the reach of Jones.  Jackson surges forward with a hook to the body and a missing hook to the head.  Jones using a lot of kicks.  Jones having his way at the moment.  Jackson clinches.  Jones pushes him to the cage.  Jones with a spinning back elbow as they separate.  Jones misses a spinning wheel kick.  Rampage goes on the attack in the closing seconds but comes up with mostly air.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Jones.

Jon Jones and Quinton Jackson at UFC 135Round 2:  

Jackson’s corner tells him to “find your range between rounds.”  Jackson takes the center of the Octagon.  Jones with a leg kick and Jackson lunges forward with punches.  They clinch.  Jones goes for a takedown and Jackson defends.  Jones lands a straight right hand.  Jackson with a left hook, chasing Jones.  They’re in the center of the cage and the pace has slowed into a kickboxing style bout.  Jones misses and ties up Jackson.  They separate.  Jackson is stalking and Jones is landing leg kicks.  A spinning back kick to the body by Jones.  High kick by Jones lands.  Jackson unable to deal with the reach of Jones and is stuck standing on the outside in Jones’ range.  They clinch and Jones pulls guard and tries a triangle attempt in the final second.  MMAWeekly scores the round for Jones.

Jon Jones and Quinton Jackson at UFC 135Round 3:  

Jackson threw a leg kick.  They clinch and Jones stumbles.  Jackson swings for the fences and misses.  Jackson using leg kicks and then going up top.  Jones with a leg kick.  Jones secures a single leg takedown and moves into side control.  Jones moves to the mount position.  Jones postures up and lands eblows and punches.  Jackson powers to his feet.  Jones presses him against the cage.  Jones lands a font kick to the face of Jackson.  Jackson continues to move forward.  combination landed by Jones.  Jones lands a jab and an elbow and Jackson attacks but misses.  Jones is picking Jackson apart.  Flying knee by Jones lands.  Jackson is just reacting to Jones and putting up little attack.  Jones has his hands down.  Jones shoots for a takedown at the closing bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Jones.

Jon Jones and Quinton Jackson at UFC 135Round 4:  

Jackson moves forward and Jones lands a left hook that sends Jackson backing up.  They clinch.  Jones gets Jackson down and has him pinned against the cage.  Jackson gives up his back in an attempt to get up and Jones sinks in a rear naked choke and Jackson is forced to tap out.  The official time of the submission was at 1:14 in Round 4.

Jon Jones Post-Fight Press Comments Video

Quinton Jackson Post-Fight Press Comments Video

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