UFC 135 Play-by-Play: Ben Rothwell vs. Mark Hunt

September 23, 2011

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Ben Rothwell vs. Mark Hunt

Ben Rothwell and Mark Hunt at UFC 135Round 1:  

Rothwell putting his jab out there just to give Hunt something to look at.  Hunt misses with a right hand.  Rothwell goes for a takedown but Hunt side steps it.  Rothwell attempts another takedown after trying to set it up with jabs but Hunt stuffs it.  Hunt with a right hand.  Rothwell gets a double leg takedown and immediately moves to the mount position.  Hunt gets to his side and explodes to his feet.  Rothwell goes for a takedown against the fence and Hunt sprawls.  Rothwell again tries to get the fight to the ground and Hunt defends.  Hunt with a right hand.  Rothwell misses with a punch and Hunt gets him down.  They scramble back to their feet.  Rothwell gets a takedown but Hunt is immediately back up.  With :30 seconds remaining, Rothwell gets a takedown and starts to land shots.  Close round until the closing moments.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Rothwell.

Ben Rothwell and Mark Hunt at UFC 135Round 2:  

Hunt’s corner tells him to stick and move.  Rothwell’s corner tells him he won the round.  Rothwell gets a takedown stuffed.  Hunt misses with a big uppercut.  Hunt with a very hard leg kick.  Hunt with another powerful leg kick.  Rothwell is moving slow and breathing heavy.  Rothwell goes for another takedown and again Hunt defends it.  Hunt gets a takedown and begins to land punches and hammer fists.  Rothwell is bleeding.  At the half way mark, Hunt lands short elbows inside Rothwell’s open guard.  Rothwell closes his guard momentarily and works his legs up looking for a submission.  Hunt presses him against the cage and keeps landing punches.  Hunt moves to side control with 1:20 left in the round.  Rothwell scrambles but Hunt stays in top position.  Hunt mounts him and goes for an arm bar.  Rothwell defends and the time remaining runs out.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Mark Hunt.

Ben Rothwell and Mark Hunt at UFC 135Round 3:

Rothwell breathing heavy.  Hunt presses the pace, landing an uppercut.  Rothwell goes for a takedown but Hunt defends.  Hunt lands a big shot and Rothwell is on rubber legs.  Hunt goes in but the fight goes to the ground but Hunt is in top position.  Hunt stays in Rothwell’s guard.  The referee stands them up.  Both fighters exhausted.  Rothwell with a desparate takedown attempt.  Hunt lands an uppercut.  Rothwell goes for a single leg but Hunt circles out and gets top position before standing up.  Hunt lands another big shot and just walks away.  Rothwell can’t keep his  hands up.  Hunt takes him down.  Two minutes remaining in the bout.  Hunt is in side control.  He traps one of Hunt’s arms and lands hammer fists.  Rothwell is moving in slow motion.  The referee stands them up while Hunt is in side control!  Hunt with an uppercut.  Rothwell can barely stand.  Hunt unleashes a high kick that’s blocked.  Hunt tries to take Rothwell down.  Rothwell sprawls and tries to muster the energy to do something.  Rothwell mounts him as the bell sounds.  MMAWeekly scored the round 10-9 for Hunt.

The judges scored the fight 29-28, 29-27, 30-27 for Mark Hunt by unanimous decision.

Mark Hunt Post-Fight Press Comments Video

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