UFC 134 Rio Play-by-Play: Yves Jabouin vs. Ian Loveland

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Yves Jabouin vs. Ian Loveland (bantamweight)

Round 1: Lots of movement, but not a lot of techniques landing in the opening minute. Jabouin goes up high for the head kick, but Loveland moves in and takes him to the mat and starts working from Jabouin’s half guard. Loveland works briefly for an Americana, but quickly gives it up. The referee stands them up about midway through the round and they immediately start trading strikes, Loveland seeming to land the better shots, working in some solid punches. Loveland lands a couple wide arching right hands in the last minute, but gets rocked by Jabouin right hand and staggers back. He recovers quickly, however. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Loveland.

Round 2: Loveland shoots and scores the single-leg takedown, landing in side control. Jabouin reverses into Loveland’s full guard. Loveland rolls into top position into half mount and starts dropping down punches. Jabouin doesn’t leave him there long, escaping and bringing the fight back to the feet. Jabouin lands a couple of punches and follows with a spinning back kick to the midsection. He tries another back kick, but Loveland jumps and takes it to the groin. He doesn’t take but a second to restart the fight, however. Jabouin lands a couple punches and a backfist before Loveland shoots, but Jabouin defends well and they quickly return to standing. Jabouin lands a hard punch to the liver and then finishes with a takedown just before the bell. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Jabouin.

Round 3: Loveland comes out firing punches, knowing he needs this round at a minimum, if not a finish. Jabouin times Loveland’s punches and scores a takedown, but they bounce immediately back to the feet. Loveland is still pressing, Jabouin laying in wait to counter. Loveland starts to slow his pace, and Jabouin lands another backfist with a little over two minutes left in the round. Jabouin starts opening up with his kicks, mixing high to low to body, while Loveland is now struggling just to get his jab in. Loveland shoots with a minute and a half left in the fight, but Jabouin defends successfully. Jabouin lands another spinning back kicks that lands to the midsection before going high again. Loveland appears to be gassing it out to the end, while Jabouin keeps his distance, playing it safe, but landing the more stinging strikes. MMAWeekly.com scores round three 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Jabouin.

Yves Jabouin def. Ian Loveland by Split Decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28), R3

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