UFC 133 Evans vs. Ortiz Play-by-Play: Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz

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Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz (light heavyweight)

Round 1: Ortiz opens with a kick. Ortiz steps in with a punch, Evans sidesteps and fires back. Evans comes over the top with a punch, Ortiz looks for the clinch, but they separate quickly. Ortiz shoots in and takes Evans down as Evans looks to get back up against the cage. Ortiz lets Evans go and Evans immediately lights Ortiz up with punches. Ortiz holds on against the cage as Evans digs in with punches to the body. Evans picks Ortiz up and slams him to the mat and starts to unleash his attack. Evans moves to side control and continues to punch until the round ends.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 Rashad Evans

Round 2: Evans very light on his feet as he moves in and out, Ortiz has slowed. Evans shoots in and Ortiz snatches a guillotine, it’s tight, but Evans slips out. Evans moves into side control. Evans starts to look for punches as Ortiz tries to defend. Evans has Ortiz in the crucifix position, but Ortiz is able to slip his arm back out. Ortiz rolls looking for a leg but Evans is having none of it and stays on top. Evans with a knee to Ortiz while he’s down, looks like it’s to the body. Ortiz crumbles and Evans follows up with strikes as the referee has seen enough and stops the fight.

Rashad Evans def. Tito Ortiz by TKO at 4:48, R2

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