UFC 133 Evans vs. Ortiz Play-by-Play: Matt Hamill vs. Alexander Gustafsson

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Matt Hamill vs. Alexander Gustafsson (light heavyweight)

Round 1: Hamill stalking forward with Gustafsson circling away trying to keep his distance. Hamill shoots in, but Gustafsson moves out of the way. Quick exchange with both fighters landing shots, Gustafsson has a cut on his right eye. Hamill still attacking with Gustafsson backing away, but he lands a good shot during a quick exchange. Gustafsson cracks Hamill with a good one-two combo. Close round, seems to be a theme tonight.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 Alexander Gustafsson

Round 2: Both fighters get aggressive to start the 2nd round, but that ends quickly. Gustafsson stuffs a takedown attempt from Hamill and firest back with some good strikes. Gustafsson on the attack again, nails Hamill with some good shots before backing out. Gustafsson fires off another good combo finished with a head kick that’s blocked. Gustafsson nails Hamill with a good punch that drops him. Gustafsson stays on the attack and bombards Hamill with punches and elbows, gets the mount and continues the assault until the referee has seen enough and steps in to stop the carnage.

Alexander Gustafsson def. Matt Hamill by TKO at 3:34, R2

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