UFC 132 Results: Carlos Condit Becomes Top Contender With Flying Knee KO Over Kim

Carlos Condit lands the KO

If Carlos Condit was looking to make a statement that he should be next in line for a welterweight title shot, he certainly made his case at Dong Hyun Kim’s expense.

Coming into UFC 132 on a four fight win streak, the former WEC champion was already known as one of the most diverse and dangerous strikers in the division, but he upped his stock with how he finished Kim on Saturday night.

It was a classic match-up of striker vs. grappler and Kim got the early advantage, taking Condit to the mat, but it wasn’t long before he got swept and was scrambling to get back his feet.

At that moment after feeling Kim’s strength on the ground, it appeared Condit gained a measure of confidence and aggressiveness.

After fainting with a kick, Condit came in hard with a flying knee strike that connected flush on Kim’s chin that sent the Korean crashing to the mat.

‘The Natural Born Killer’ followed up with a flurry of punches to an already stunned Kim as the referee swooped in for the save. Condit not only picks up his fifth win in a row, but hands Kim the first official loss of his career.

“I feel excellent, I stuck to the game plan,” Condit said after the win. “One of the best training camps in the world.”

Prior to the fight, Condit was dealing with a pretty serious illness that almost put him out of the fight, but his immune system kicked in just in time, and he came into UFC 132 and got the kind of win he had been hoping for.

“I got sick a few weeks ago, if I didn’t start feeling better right away we were going to have to pull out. We recuperated and here I am,” Condit stated.

With the win, Condit has established himself as the clear cut top contender in the UFC’s welterweight division, and now he’s happy to mention that fact to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

“How bout it Joe? Joe Silva, am I ready for a title shot or what?” Condit asked on the mic.

That’s two knockouts in a row for Condit as well, and now he’ll likely be a very interested spectator when UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre faces Nick Diaz in October at UFC 137.

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