UFC 131 Results: Dave Herman TKO’s Einemo In UFC Debut

June 11, 2011

Dave Herman and John-Olav Einemo at UFC 131

Dave Herman land a knee on John-Olav Einemo at UFC 131.

Dave Herman defeats Jon Olav Einemo in UFC debut.

Heavyweights Dave Herman and Jon Olav Einemo made their Octagon debuts at UFC 131 on Saturday in Vancouver and put on a back and forth battle that ended in a technical knockout for Herman.

The first round was competitive with Herman landing leg kicks and Einemo headhunting with his right hand. Eniemo scored two takedowns but neither had a clear-cut edge heading back to their corners.

Einemo’s right hand began to find its mark in the second stanza. He appeared to have Herman in trouble after a couple of knees. As Einemo was trying to finish, Herman landed a knee and a left hook that dropped the Norwegian. Herman swooped in looking to finish but Eniemo recovered. Herman decided to let the Golden Glory trained fighter get up to his feet.

In an exchange along the cage, Herman landed a knee and left hand that had Einemo on wobbly legs. Einemo pulled guard but Herman finished with a series of punches on the ground.

“I was trying to land something and I saw him go down. I was going in for the finish but he’s real good on the ground and I was having trouble getting to him,” said Herman about the knock-down.

The win extended Herman’s win streak to three fights. He has an overall record of 23-2.